Nowadays some people don’t have time for themselves , they are being busy spending there whole time for work , no time for there love life., or getting tired with the girls around them and looking for something new. That’s why we have internet , technologies   ,right?  as you go online you can see a lot of dating site like craiglist, tagged, dateinasia, friendfinder, and a lot more, you can see thousand of single men and women looking for a serious relationship. But still a lot of people are wondering does really online relationship works? Maybe some other single people works for them some are not, Me personally i  don’t have an experience dating online  but, I know some couples who are happily married now been together for 20 years and yes they meet each other online. They started to chat and exchanging emails, get to know each other until they meet each other in person . I searched online about online relationship stories and you can see hundred of stories online , you will see in there stories  how happy they are that they found their true love , try to search and read there story and how happy they are.

So  yes ,I believe  internet internet relationships can work out. I believe that you can really fall in love with someone through internet  You can fall in love with words, and you realize you are falling for someone beyond their physical looks. How does it work? Well you need to go online go to  a dating sites create a profile and put the best word that you will have, and start talking to people. I know that long distance relationship is very hard you are not quite sure if they are honest to you but that depends of the person.You need to get to know the person first before you go from there. Having an online relationship is not that easy you need to work for it and have patience in front of your computer  and talk to that especial someone. Attempting to get a relationship over the internet or miles away? It can be very gratifying, but it can also be quite a challenge. Its really good that you are talking to that especial someone

cause you will really get to know each other, talking to him/her will give you an idea what kind of person he/she really is. You will learn to love each other little by little. Make him feel as though he is a part of your life, via email, instant messaging , Skype or over the phone.Webcam will help too for your online relationship, its good to see each other while you are chatting, in that way you will really have a strong relationship.  Make plans to see each other. Making plans is important for two reasons: time together and commitment. It gives you a chance to be a couple face to face and spend time together. By making plans to visit, you are making a further commitment in your relationship. Be sure to remember however, that despite how close you might be over the Internet or phone, things will be a little awkward when you first meet in person. However, your partner is just as nervous as you.But trust me you you will love each other more when you see each other in person.